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16oz - 2' Reinforced Grommets-Cut Size

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    The Wayne Source Heavy Duty 16oz Canvas tarp with Reinforced Grommets is made of 100% cotton and industrial...

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22 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester

The Wayne Source Heavy Duty 16oz Canvas tarp with Reinforced Grommets is made of 100% cotton and industrial grade.

  • - We insert Rustproof #4 (5/8" ID) 2CSass grommets every 2' and reinforce them with extremely durable canvas patches.
  • -These patches will prevent grommet pull-out and extend the life of your tarp.
  • -Our panels are double chain stitched together with rot resistant thread. All hems are 1-1/2" flat hems and double lock stitched for the best durability.
  • -We use Canvak on all of our canvas tarps for the best in water, mold and mildew resistance.
  • -Canvas is 2CSeathable to let moisture out and keep your valuables dry.
This Heavy Duty Canvas tarp can be used around the home, construction site, farm or wherever you need to keep valuable covered. With Old School construction and reliability, its hard to beat a Wayne Source canvas tarp. Tarps are Cut Size and 3-5% smaller than dimensions stated.
All Wayne Source canvas tarps are Proudly Made in the USA!
Helpful Hints when choosing Canvas Tarps--
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water, Mold and Mildew resistant
  • 2CSeathable - does not trap condensation - does not trap too much heat under the sun.
  • Long service life when properly maintained.
  • Can be retreated using chemicals or solutions such as Canvak.
  • Standard-finish canvas tarps' wax and dye may rub off and stain surface of objects covered. Not a good choice for boat, car or furniture covers.
  • Lower tear strength than that of vinyl tarps. Not a good choice for truck tarps, i.e., not highway worthy. A tear needs to be fixed as soon as possible because the tear may eventually spread.
  • Water resistant, not water proof. If there is standing water on the tarp, it may slowly drip through.
  • In constantly wet and damp areas, canvas tarps may be prone to mildew over time.
  • Unlike vinyl and poly tarps, which are size stable, canvas tarps may slightly shrink over time. Therefore, canvas tarps are not recommended when sizes of covers or tarps need to be precise down to inches.
  • Normally not UV coated.

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Make sure that the dimensions you have chosen for your tarp will adequately cover your valuables. Measure and re-measure if need be. Take into considereation any overhang's and additional strapping that needs to take place. Double check the correct grommet or d-ring spacing. Choosing the right material for your needs is very important, if you are in doubt please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help with your decision.


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