I recently got a SpinnTwinn from a well-known auction site. Gossamer Gear don’t make them anymore but their new tarps are almost the same apart from the material used. The SpinnTwinn is made from Spinnaker fabric while the new ones are called the TwinnTarp and constructed from silnylon. Today was the first chance I had to try pitching it and I’m seriously impressed with it. It pitches easily, is stupid light and cavernous for a single hiker but would easily take two. Potential buyers of the TwinnTarp might be interested in this blog post as the new version is almost identical in weight and size.

Firstly, the stuffsack is nice and large so it’s easy to pack the tarp away and get it out when you need it. Once packed the stuffsack will compress to very packable size and is easy to squeeze into most spaces in a pack. It’s my bugbear to get gear with over small stuff sacks as its a fight to pack the gear back in them and hard balls of fabric eat volume in a pack. So, 10/10 to Gossamer Gear for that.